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Inspiring Positive Change in Greater Manchester

Our investment and growth strategy has focused on our core area of Greater Manchester. Recently we have purchased Land in Old Trafford to introduce some exciting new development opportunity for local

 families who want to live close to town, universities, good education facilities and other amenities.

Our aim is also providing residents the opportunity to purchase their own home at an affordable price. ‘Inspiring Positive Change in Grater Manchester’.

Recent schemes included properties for market rent, houses for outright sale and the extra-care development through underfloor Heating by Green energy and Integrated Solar Panel to save environment.

Our investment in new homes has had a significant impact on the regeneration of Old Trafford. The addition of a wide range of tenure choices has helped us improve the built environment and sustain local communities.

We want to build on the success of our current development program with a new ambitious strategy that will see us venture outside the boundaries of Old Trafford whilst maintaining our dedication to providing good quality homes for those in housing need. Growth in a larger geographical area will enable us to reinvest in our local communities and create more opportunities for the benefit.

New Project Design
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Strategic Delivery

Help to Buy Program

As you may now be aware, the Help to Buy scheme comes with layers of goodness and acts as a real turning point in many people’s lives by giving them the ability to buy a home and get on the property ladder! Mortgage Key always advise its customers to consider all options and explore all avenues before committing to such a life-changing event.

The Government’s Help to Buy scheme was designed to help people get on the property ladder. First-time buyers have benefitted greatly as government legislation has made it easier than ever to secure a mortgage. As a result, the housing market has expanded, helping the wider economy evolve in doing so.  

New builds are the ideal Help to Buy purchase. Immaculate finishes on a blank canvas allow the creatives to begin to imagine the possibilities. Whereas the less adventurous amongst us prefer to complete the purchase with fixtures and fittings chosen from stock. Either way, new builds come with guarantees and peace of mind.

Future Delivery

It is our ambition to develop 11 homes over a year programme. This will help meet the needs of the community providing a new home ownership opportunity. We can model our business plan to reflect the different risks raised by individual tenures whilst keeping flexibility to respond to market demands. We recognise the need to look within and beyond our geographic boundaries to meet housing demand and maximise the return on our assets.

We have identified several areas within the North West which will generate opportunities for us and therefore considers the housing management of these properties. We feel it is imperative to provide several tenures within Old Trafford to support the economy and are mindful of the growth and development of Airport which will provide a further 20,000 jobs at and around the airport. In turn this will create a demand for properties in affordable areas such as across the Greater Manchester with its excellent transport links and unique geographical connection to the Airport.

Commercial Approach

To achieve our strategy, we will look at our strategic partnerships to provide opportunities. We will remain a major force of regeneration in Old Trafford and will be driven by quality and innovation:

· We will work with local authority colleagues, gaining their support for schemes in Greater Manchester.

 · We will build on existing relationships with community and those already in addition to seeking new long-term strategic partnerships for mutual benefit who have a positive track record of working with registered providers.

· We will continue to explore joint venture opportunities with other Manchester based registered providers geared towards the construction of homes for sale in other areas. The profits of which will be invested back into our local community.

· We will provide affordable homes but acknowledge the difficulties of this in matching the local authorities’ aspirations.

· We will continue our aspirations to provide social value through our development program linking training, apprenticeships, local investment and use of Greater Manchester suppliers.